Your business expenses… but better
Using Moneytree

Your business expenses… but better

Moneytree Team
October 2, 2018

Whether it’s tax time, you’re doing quarterly reporting for your BAS statement, or it’s the end of the month and you need to invoice for your costs, sitting down to do your expenses is never a good time. So… why not skip it?

If you’re already using Moneytree Work Expenses, you know that you have access to a range of functions including receipt matching and cloud storage; expense claim preparation and export; and even data portability which means you can export any and all of your data to Excel or CSV.

While this all makes things better but you still have to do the expenses. Or… do you?

We've added our proprietary categorisation AI algorithm to the mix, to automatically identify transactions that could be categorised as work expenses. So skip the leg work, and let us help to automate your admin.

Say for example, you’re putting the odd expense for your small business on your credit card. When you’re using your personal card to pay for business-related items, it can take hours per month just to sort and separate the money you spent on yourself versus the expenses you need to include in your business reporting. Our AI will stop you from having to sort through hundreds of transactions, making your obligations much easier.

Or, if you’re working for a company, and making a payment on behalf of your employer every now and then, it can be all-too-easy to forget to claim, or to lose track of accrued expenses. Especially in situations like travelling or picking things up on the go. Our AI means that you’re much more likely to get your money back because you won’t lose track of what you’ve spent on your employer’s behalf.

Getting organised isn’t easy, but with features that let you review unclaimed expenses, or do a batch review of your transactions, Moneytree Work Expenses makes it speedy.

Getting started with Moneytree Work Expenses is simple: It’s a paid upgrade throughMoneytree’s free personal finance app. The new expense feature is available on both iOS and Android. Try it out at a discounted price for a limited time!
Regular price: AUD $6.49 per month or AUD $69.99 per year

How does Automatic Expense Detection feature work

Want a simple way to get on top of your expenses? It’s easier with Moneytree.

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