New budgeting tool to help you better manage your finances
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New budgeting tool to help you better manage your finances

Moneytree Team
August 30, 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of Moneytree Grow, a new service available on iOS to help Australians better manage their daily expenses and plan for the future.

Moneytree Grow has a set of functions to help you understand your financial behaviour and develop better habits. These include:

Budget by Category

You can now set a monthly budget for each category. Moneytree will notify you when your expense in a certain category exceeds 80% or reaches 100% of the set budget.

For example, if you set your budget for groceries at A$ 500 per month, a notification will be sent when your monthly grocery expense reaches A$ 400 and A$ 500. This feature will help you keep track of your budget and develop a better sense of your spending.

Budget by Category Feature Image


How to set "Budget by Category"
Go to notification settings, and tap "Budget by Category". You can choose either email or push notifications. Learn how to use the feature and see the FAQ for more details.
*Please update the Moneytree app to the latest version available.

Monthly Report

Once a month, you will receive a report that visually summarises your monthly spending, giving you useful insights about your financial behaviour. When the report becomes available in the Moneytree app, you will get a notification. Becoming more aware of how you spend your money every month will help you make smarter decisions and better manage your budget.

Daily Background Updates

Even if you don't open the Moneytree app, your information will be automatically updated in the background every day to keep it up to date.  Receive notifications faster and check your transaction records right away when you open Moneytree. (Some exclusions may apply.)

Data Export (XLSX/CSV)

You can download or share your transaction data from Moneytree in CSV or Excel format. This feature is suitable for those who manage their finances with accounting software or spreadsheets. You can export data dating back to the beginning of the previous year to the date of export (If you are exporting data on September 1, 2019, you can download data from January 1, 2018 to September 1, 2019).

For first-timers, Moneytree Grow is free to try for the first month. The monthly plan is A$4.49 per month and the annual plan is A$46.99 per year, which is two months cheaper than if you pay month by month. Take advantage of this opportunity!

*Moneytree Grow is available on iOS only.

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