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How Moneytree LINK helped streamline corporate accounts

Hitoshi Uotani, Director, Executive Officer, Director of Systems Development Laboratory
October 27, 2017
仕訳計上の効率化に向けて、 MT LINKを採用

The partnership

TKC is a Japan-based technology business which offers products including an expense settlement system.

In 2015 Moneytree LINK was engaged as an API provider when TKC began incorporating bank and credit card transactions into its strategic financial information system ‘FX series’.


The innovation

TKC was seeking to upgrade ‘FX series’, improving the quality of data available and making data entry more efficient. At the time Moneytree did not service corporate accounts and only supported consumers, so Moneytree and TKC worked together to jointly develop this capability.

As the corporate banking system in Japan is complex, this was a significant and time-consuming undertaking. However together Moneytree and TKC developed a system that supports many businesses, covering high volumes of data.

The system also allows TKC to manage and maintain online bank statements using Moneytree LINK technology, and its new functionality allows the business to view all corporate accounts at once.



Since June 2019 TKC has been receiving all bank and credit card transaction data for its customers, which has also made it possible to accurately record historic data.

As a result, it is not only easier to keep track of entries but the incidence of errors in the system has drastically decreased. Reducing the time needed to input data has also created efficiencies for the business.

TKC 取締役 執行役員 システム開発研究所長 魚谷 仁司氏

“The current ‘FX series’ system has a strong reputation and is very popular. It is very rare to find a single input error and many customers say this has reduced their stress levels, as well as increasing efficiencies for their businesses."

“Moneytree LINK’s unique technology means we no longer have to individually manage each internet bank statement."

“In addition, Moneytree LINK’s platform offers thorough privacy protection, which gives our customers peace of mind. We initially evaluated similar services but Moneytree LINK was the only one that had the level of privacy protection we required.”

Hitoshi Uotani, Director, Executive Officer, Director of Systems Development Laboratory, TKC

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