Data aggregation

Data aggregation

Your data aggregation solution enabled for Open Banking.

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The introduction of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) and Open Banking provides a great opportunity for fintechs and financial institutions to make the most of personal financial data to create and build new service offerings. 

However, personal financial data is most often spread across multiple institutions and is largely unstructured, uncategorised and inconsistent in quality. This fragmentation trend is set to continue as competition in the financial sector increases and customer loyalty to a single institution shrinks.

Moneytree LINK, Moneytree’s data aggregation platform facilitates the creation of new and improved customer service and engagement offerings by providing state-of-the-art data aggregation technology coupled with cloud technologies to seamlessly bridge multiple systems.

Moneytree LINK cleanses, categorises and delivers data via a single API (application programming interface) service. It also helps companies uncover deeper insights from customer data and easily implement solutions to enhance customer engagement.

Moneytree LINK works with existing infrastructure and easily connects with new systems. 

Once Moneytree LINK is installed, you will have the ability to collect, categorise, collate and store customer data in the cloud at optimal cost structures.

Moneytree LINK utilises the latest global security practices. Data can only be transferred to third parties with the user’s consent.  Data is safe, and we engage security experts to constantly test the strength of our systems.

Moneytree has the expertise to assist a broad range of businesses, from fintechs and neo banks to larger financial institutions. In Japan, Moneytree has over 60 enterprise clients. In Australia, we recently teamed up with Salesforce and Rollit Wealth.

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