Moneytree LINK  your partner for innovation

Moneytree LINK  
your partner for innovation

A financial data platform that powers expansion of your business.

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Moneytree LINK data platform

Data source
・Credit cards
・Loyalty points
・Digital money
Database layer
・Bank account database
・Transaction database
・Loyalty database
・Account database
・Certification database
・Notification service
API layer
Provides a secure API connection to over 2,700 discrete data sources.
・Integration into bank app
・Point data for PFM app
・Rent payment clearing
・Automated data feed for accounting systems

Easy to deploy

Moneytree LINK maximises the potential of financial industry services, providing state-of-the-art account aggregation technology coupled with cloud technologies to seamlessly bridge multiple systems. 

Rolling out new financial tools and services can be a challenge for businesses as existing systems often don’t communicate with one other, and adding new components takes substantial time and significant investment. 

Moneytree LINK works with existing infrastructure and easily connects with new systems. Integrating core systems through Moneytree LINK takes a fraction of the time of traditional solutions, and can be delivered at extremely competitive prices. 

Once installed, the ability to collect, categorise, collate and store data in the cloud provides businesses with in-depth consumer insights and optimal cost structures. Moneytree LINK enables your financial services company to offer new services free of previous limitations, establishing a platform for digital banking.

For more information on how Moneytree LINK can maximise the potential of your financial services, read below:

Flexibility to match your business needs, scale and budget

Moneytree LINK can be customised to specific business needs, scale, and budget. 

APIs can be developed for new business projects as well as for existing services. Software development kits (SDKs) are also available to offer plug-and-play components for service augmentation. 

Additional tools like analytics and notification services can be added to further extend the value you get from Moneytree LINK. 

Whatever the service, Moneytree will help you deepen engagement and improve conversion ratios. 

Contact us to learn about how Moneytree LINK’s APIs, SDKs, and other development tools that can be customised for your business with flexibility, without sacrificing security.

Opt-in financial data platform

Access to Moneytree’s data platform is based on the individual user's explicit agreement. 

Moneytree LINK runs on PCI DSS compliant infrastructure, which is in accordance with the finance industry's highest standards of security. We are building a security and privacy model aligned with the requirements laid out in the Consumer Data Right draft rules.

Moneytree was also Japan's first finance industry player to obtain TRUSTe privacy certification, and the first and only organisation to secure TRUSTe certification for all apps and web interfaces.

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