Security and privacy

Security and privacy

Our business is built on an explicit commitment to security, privacy and transparency.

Our security standards

Great security is the cornerstone of trust. We combine the latest security with an app that’s great to use.

1. Registered with Financial Services Agency of Japan

Under the Amendment Act of the Banking Act, which came into effect on June 1, 2018, "Electronic Payment Service Provider" was newly established. As a result, companies that receive consent from customers and communicate payment instructions, obtain bank account information will need to register with the Finance Bureau, etc. Moneytree is certified as “Electronic Payment Service Provider" (available in Japanese only) by the Kanto Finance Bureau, etc.

2. Global standard security measures

We run on industry-leading secure platforms and PCI DSS / ISMS certified infrastructure, matching the finance industry's highest standards of security.

We always use encrypted connections between our apps and our servers for secure traffic, and encrypted data to prevent it from being accessed from the database.

We always use certificate pinning, which secures the connection between the mobile app and the server, to avoid connecting to insecure networks and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

We use biometric technology like Touch ID for an additional layer of personal authentication.

We undergo regular security vulnerability and penetration assessments by security experts, a standard industry practice for high-quality security.

We minimise the amount of information being tracked and only collect the minimum amount of information that we need to bring you our service.

Moneytree is running a public bug bounty program to fortify security across its website, API and mobile applications. 

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3. Viewing only, not for money transfer

Moneytree is for viewing purposes only and does not have features for money transfer.

Your login ID and password are needed to access your online bank account.

Our privacy standards

At Moneytree, your privacy is our top priority. We believe you own your data so we don’t ask for or store more information than is required to use the service. Our goal is to provide a fully-featured yet private experience.

1. Privacy verification program TRUSTe

We undergo independent privacy auditing and certification annually for all platforms by TrustArc (formerly TRUSTe), a globally recognised privacy verification program.

2. Safely handling data based on the principles of Privacy by Design

We don't advertise based on data analysis or use attribute data in the Moneytree app.

We don’t show retargeting ads based on user behaviour in the Moneytree app.

We don't ask for unnecessary personal information such as age, gender, place of residence or occupation upon registration.

We don't share your personal information to third parties without your explicit consent.

All data from connected financial institutions including transaction data and receipts will be deleted within 24 hours of cancelling your Moneytree account.

3. Take control over your data with clear and accessible information

We don’t use legalese in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We speak in plain language so that we’re all on the same page.

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

We will inform you one month in advance when there are changes to the terms.

You can cancel your account to unsubscribe and know that your data will be deleted within 24 hours.

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You can easily customise how we get in touch with you to notify your payments and transactions.

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